Our values are deeply instilled in our company. They guide us through our operations, client choice and recruitment process. If any decision could see us going against these values, we will find another way.


Our planet and its resources are highly important to us. We are on a mission to help industrial clients work towards a more sustainable future.

All of our solutions work towards efficiency to help reduce power, time and resources needed, however EcoTek in particular helps our clients prioritise sustainability in their operations.

  • Increasing industrial efficiency

  • Innovative, sustainable solutions

  • Recycling and reusing old parts

  • Optimising power to output ratio

Our production has been levelled up by EPM’s innovation

Steve engineering manager - local manufacturers


Our goal has always been to increase the efficiency and productivity of industrial processes. We love helping our industrial clients achieve their potential through our innovative solutions. However, before we start work with a new client, we will always make sure they are a good match for us.

We will always ensure that our work is doing good for the business as a whole, including its employees. If the end goal is to increase profits by making unfair dismissals, we don’t take on the work.

In the case that an efficient solution reduces manpower required, we make sure that that particular job will be reassigned to an adapted role.

  • Focus on productivity, not profit

  • No redundant roles

  • Empowering the entire workforce

  • Only work with compatible clients


At EPM, we're committed to making a positive impact in our community.

This includes helping local businesses thrive by providing them with optimised operations; supporting schools that will provide the workforce of the future for all fields; as well as raising money for charities that touch the lives of everyone.

  • Raised £10,000 for Cransley Hospice via a Christmas tree collection

  • Set up mock interview experiences at a local school

  • Help local companies with breakdowns and refurbishments